What Fits the Bills Better: A Buyer’s Guide on Stone Wall Cladding Vs Wall Paper

Stone wall cladding Vs. Wallpaper

The trauma of home décor is when interior style magazines say Stone Wall Cladding can revitalize your home dramatically, and you have an eternal love for traditional decorative wall papers. If you are not sure whether to cover your walls with wall paper or Natural Stone Creations, then read this before your proceed. As in case of décor, it’s not always better to be late, because scrapping off the wall paper would be real bummer when you will realize that the social world you move in is longing for stone wall cladding.

It’s an important decision to choose the correct material to transform your space, as walls have the advantage to give unique traits to the interior with lesser efforts but wrong choice may quickly outdate the excitement. Both wall paper and natural stone ideas have benefits but lately wall cladding has become the unrivalled hero of home décor ideas, here is a comparative study to help you decide to pick on the wise one. A little brainstorming and you are good to go.


Looks: Natural stone is produced straight from the earth, hence no matter what, wall papers can never win the competition in terms of rustic look a stone can award to the walls.

The exclusivity generated with stone polishes is another reason to fall in love with natural stone creations. You can be sure that the color, pattern and textures installed at your place can’t be anywhere in the neighborhood.


Insulation: Natural Stone wall cladding not only gives your home a subtle and bold character, but it also serves the purpose of excellent insulation. The strength and splendor of natural stone is hard to find with wall papers that are generally made of paper and vinyl.

It’s fairly straightforward, stone walls are way more hygienic and practical in terms of durability. Wall papers can easily be damaged with stains and smokes whereas wall cladding can also reduce the condensation if installed in bathrooms or kitchens.


En vogue: 95% of style conscious homeowners pick wall cladding over wall papers in the developed countries, reason is the old world charm. A large number of interior designers endeavor to get the look of rough-hewn stone on the walls because its elegant, it never goes out of fashion and it oozes the uniqueness of the dweller’s taste.

Gone are the days, when wall papers were the preferred choice to cover the walls, now you can experiment with the aesthetics and functionality of Stone Wall Cladding with mix and match of diverse varieties and stone finishes. Look at the home décor ideas that are ruling all around the globe these days, and you will find that it’s not only smart but also en vogue to opt out for natural stone creations.

stone wall cladding

Installation: A mere thought of installation can nail down the comparison. As one way or another there will be some space and gaps when you paste wall papers in the corners or near electric outlets and minute amounts of humidity can peel of the edges of your “style statement”. Whereas, installing stone on the walls can be done in a breeze. The sliced panels are light in weight and can be fixed on any substrate without any needs of grouting. Stone is completely watertight hence, it can’t be soiled or damaged with humid conditions, be it the weather or the indoor condensation.

The warm country-house style effects can be achieved with newer medium of interior decoration, the stone wall cladding and in no doubt, it overrides when it comes to lend a creative touch to the space. You can create your own pattern, with the myriads of blocks, panels and mosaics available in different sizes and dimensions of natural stone.

stone wall cladding

Clean-up: The idea of cleaning and maintenance can terrify you if you have covered your walls with decorative wall paper. Home decorating is exciting, you can get the contemporary and unusual look with swirls and 3D fish walls papers in your home, but when it comes to cleaning it becomes hard for you to conceal the agony on your face.

The tension curve will be steep if there are toddlers in the family, as you can’t use any sort of detergent solutions of the wall papers to clean the mess. However, Natural Stone Ideas can steer the determination to seal the look against all odds. You can wipe off the dirt, scum or any sort of stains with detergent, water and various heavy duty cleaners, because usually stone is immune to dampness and chemicals.

natural stone creations

Wall papers are attractive, but in terms of aesthetic finesse and likelihood of strength, durability and uniqueness, Stone Wall Cladding should be the top choice to make your walls pop. Stone is flame resistance and anti mould, which also makes it cost effective in the long run. So, what are you waiting for, replace your wall paper addiction by browsing some Natural Stone Ideas for cladding by visiting us at Stone Ideas





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