“#diwaliseason: 8 amazing interior designing ideas using natural stones”

With the Diwali season coming up, Stone Ideas presents you 8 amazing ideas to style up your home with natural stone creations. As the biggest festival of the year is just around the corner, the marathon of hundreds of home décor ideas is getting rapid in your mind. Well, the beauty and variation of natural stone wall cladding is what you should look for to tame down the sensations. Get started with the spectacular natural stone ideas portrayed in this blog, and at the end you will have heaps of reasons to increase the face value of our space.

Stone veneer india

Presented some unique wall cladding design ideas to add warmth, style, and a character to your home this Diwali.

  • The Heart of Your Home, Kitchen: Give it the look it deserves with a sophisticated backsplash done with polished stone mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles are thoughtfully designed to render a personalized look and it’s the easiest and quickest way to instill an extravagant hue in your kitchen.

kitchen backsplash wall tiles

The best suited natural stones for kitchen countertops are Granite, Marble, Limestone, and Slate that can easily be laid in an artistic layout or in a random fashion. Experts suggest natural stone with honed finish and white, grey or beige with a blend of blue tones will do the trick this festive season.

Marble countertops

  • The Bright, Clean and Modern Corner, Bathroom: For some, it’s the best place to speak to the inner self, and for design experts it’s the best place to showcase the love for natural stone wall cladding. Gain inspiration from the latest design trends and make a splash of statement making art deco in the bathroom.

stone mosaic  wall tiles

Out of the box and extraordinary wall panels installed in the bathroom can dramatically change your house to home. This festive season, say goodbye to the conventional bathroom walls and exhibit some luxury to the personal space in your home. Since you would be a fan of polished stone for the vanity top, design some breathtaking wall panels finished with textured decorative Stone Mosaic and Glass Mosaic in a matte finish. And the best part, mosaic wall tiles goes well with Victorian, antique, contemporary, modern and trend setting bathroom accessories.

  • The Space Right By The Door, Living Room: An imaginative range of colors and textures is awaiting in form of Stone Wall Panels and Stone Mosaics to create an eclectic living room. There are tons of home décor ideas out there to embellish the living room, but don’t get overwhelmed with the abundance. Be wise, and go for minimalistic approach of stone wall cladding that works pretty well with rustic, contemporary and traditional living rooms.

wall cladding tiles

This Diwali, your living room can be the most exciting project infused with textural beauty of Granite, Marble, Limestone, Sandstone or Slate. Get ready to host a grand celebration with the perfect backdrop of classic and timeless stone wall panels. In addition, you will be fond of the finish and vibrancy of the smooth honed polish, the effortless sheen and color variation of stone mosaics adding exclusivity to the walls.

wall cladding stone

Your favorite room, The Bedroom: The task of bedroom renovation for Diwali would be a cinch if you follow our style guide. Stylists suggest that natural stone wall tiles are the hottest trend to come up with. The earthy vibe and one of a kind textured pattern of sandstone in shades of yellow or golden works well to enhance the aura in the bedroom

wall cladding stone india

Homeowners, who are fan of contrasting hues, can also go for Stone Wall Panels or even better Wall Murals, which is a piece of artwork done in unrepeatable pattern especially for you. You can find light weight wall murals in various dimensions to cover the entire walls, and these are highly durable and easy to maintain, thus rest assured that you won’t be dealing with the cleaning mess for the rest of your life.

wall cladding stone

Cover of the Book, The Exterior: Don’t you dare to smear the walls with paint or think about twinkling fairy lights to decorate the outdoors like every year. This Diwali, do something different that your patio, elevation and the boundary walls will thank you for the years to come.

wall cladding stone tiles

Elevation wall cladding is trending the charts to freshen up the exteriors. For a sophisticated look, go for stone mosaic in darker shades of Marble or Granite that will add unique charm with its exclusive patterns. Whereas, boundaries done with wall cladding tiles of Sandstone or textured Slate will give more country style look to the space. You can also create a focal point in the patio with stone bricks of Sandstone pavers that will jazz up the surface just like the glimmering earthen lamps even after the Diwali.

exterior wall tiles

  • The Best is Yet to Come: If you want to celebrate the festival of lights this year by being creative and imaginative, then you should be a natural stone lover. Pick any or all of these to add unique and modern element inside or out, choice is yours:
    • Stone Furniture: Well, stone veneer is the secret sauce to feature the unique and personal vibe of natural stone in the most unusual way. You’ll be carried away with the thought that a piece of furniture finished with the unique beauty and pattern of natural stone that’ll also last long. Majorly the sliced sheets can be found in Slate and Quartzite to be placed atop a table, counter or studio furniture.



  • Colonial Landscaping: Isn’t it easy to live with a pruned garden and sturdy pathways. It’s not too late to wow your friends and family this Diwali; think about laying stone pavers and cobbles to showcase the sublime detailing which actually can be done in a random fashion and in a breeze.

wall cladding stone



  • Feature Stone Wall: Replace a boring wall with something striking, uniquely beautiful and vibrant. Don’t just slap paint over it, think modish and go for wall panels, stone mosaic and glass mosaics. Design with patterns of small textured pieces of Marble, Quartzite, Limestone, Granite and Slate and it’s for sure, your friends will visually bookmark your home this Diwali.

stone wall cladding

Natural stone Ideas are widespread, because Stone Wall Cladding or exposed wall tiles are something that accentuates a space with its exclusivity and soothing look. They are easy to clean and highly durable, so why don’t you add an interest to your space this festive season with one of the above listed home décor ideas.

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