Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding images
A beautiful contemporary house adorned with neutral toned natural stone wall panels complementing the garden greens.

Up the Style Quotient of Your Home with Stone Wall Cladding

If you are creating a new abode or just thinking about renovating your den, either way, there is abundance of Natural Stone Ideas. And, you can infuse the old world charm of natural stone, with the endearing, imaginative, and designers’ favorite, Stone Wall Cladding.

What is Stone Wall Cladding?

A huge number of designers and interior decorators are now after the best way to enhance appearance of a home with the rugged beauty of natural stone. And, the finest option to instill the chic yet elegant textures of natural stone is to invest in Wall Cladding Stone, which is:

  • Actually done with sliced stone tiles that give impression of an organic stone wall;
  • Thoughtfully chiseled in variety of sizes, shapes and textures to compliment both interior and exterior walls;
  • Available in endless designs of multicolored panels, designer mosaics, versatile veneer and arty murals that can be applied to all substrates giving a crisp finish but with a rustic twist.

Stone Wall Cladding is even highly desired by homeowners who are looking for a pocket friendly option to revamp their place, because there is no need to redo the walls, as it can be applied directly to the existing ones.

Why Should I Choose Stone Cladding?

Stone cladding has every reason to push itself as the much sought after subset of building material. Here are some benefits worth considering the magnitude of its incredibility:

  • Life: As longer as one can imagine! It’s highly durable, once installed, the earthy look will stay on your walls lending timeless gaze, indeed, for a life time.
  • Looks: Vividly graceful! Natural stone features never ending possibilities to customize a space in individual style of architecture, including interior, exterior, panels, façade, and feature walls for both contemporary and rustic style spaces.
  • Installation: Super Easy! As we said earlier, it’s a sliced stone, which is light in weight and requires less time and labor to be installed. And, the best part, cladding stone can elaborate the walls in a random fashion bestowing a more relaxed vibe.
  • Maintenance: Minimal! The strength and authenticity of natural stone makes stone cladding one of the most favorable options to spruce up a home. It’s weather proof and water proof, so forget what is called ‘upkeep’

What are the types of Wall Cladding Stone?

Wall cladding boasts plenty of Natural Stone Ideas to uphold the distinctive appearance. Ranging from smooth, sleek, and tiled facade to textured and rugged look, you can find a style that is you. Major type of cladding stone that are ruling the interior and exterior home design ideas as listed below:

Stone Wall panel
Beautiful natural coloured Stone wall panel applied with an artistic endeavour to the front wall of a lavish modern apartment.

Wall Panels: Create light weight, decorative, and weatherproof walls with stone wall panels. Highly demanded to achieve the irregular surface texture, wall panels are best suited option for exterior walls to go with the surrounding landscape. Suitable for contemporary and colonial landscape, these wall panels can also be embellished on the interior walls. such as:

  • Bring in the idyllic feel with textured tiles, rectangular ledges, and slightly irregular strips
  • The showstopper panels can be fashioned from Slate, Sandstone and honed Marble.



Stone mosaic
Natural Stone Mosaics and Stone Engravings, through their artistic declarations, make the interior walls unique and awe-inspiring.

Stone Mosaic: Give your space the undeniably adorable look by Stone Wall Mosaic tiles. If you want to create a whimsical kitchen backsplash or a beguile fireplace then Stone Mosaic makes just the perfect sense. Chic, luxurious or rustic, whatever be the style of decor, there is one that can add accent to the walls. Best thing about stone mosaic- it is:

  • The secret to infuse your space with bold statement on walls whilst echoing the minimalistic vibe; and
  • Available in square, rectangular and hexagonal shapes that can be applied on curved surfaces



Stone Veneer sheet
Natural stone veneer sheet used to create a captivating levelled reception desk in a modern office space.

Stone  Veneer: The secret sauce to get the dramatic look of natural stone is to install a thin Stone Veneer Sheet. Stone veneer is one of the time tested method to grab the look of solid stone with endowing elitism. Designers got inspired lately to use stone veneer sheets in unusual ways, for instance creating a smart dining table or a workplace counter to bring in the imperial style. Stone veneer in India can be ordered in:

  • 3-5” thickness , 90 Degree corner pieces and myriads of color options
  • Plethora of textures to accent the furniture, flooring and other elements in a room.



Buddha Stone engraving
An elaborate natural stone engraving of Buddha on the wall of the yoga studio, gently swept with soft yellow and white lights.

Stone Wall Murals: Instil the out of the box subduing and bold character of natural stone, by creating a feature wall with Stone Wall Murals. Homeowners, who listen to the bit of an art lover inside, have newly become fan of Natural Stone Mural. Add the ornamental impact to a décor by getting just the right touch of interest with

  • Detailed Stone Engraving done in Marble, Granite, and Slate and express your passion in myriads on designs, colors and finishes to set the décor on.
  • Visually interesting Stone Jali creatively crafted in vibrant 3D grid of Marble and Sandstone that enhances the color scheme on walls.



Stone wall cladding fits in seamlessly to any style of space and can easily craft the envisioned look. For more details on Wall Cladding  feel free to contact us through our website www.stone-ideas.in

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