ACETECH 2018 Memories – Stone Ideas

Asia’s largest exhibition, ET ACETECH was conceptualised to bring all the architects, designers, developers, engineers, contracting companies, material suppliers and technology providers under one roof for displaying and sourcing products expediently.

We participate in ACETECH Nov. 2018 Mumbai exhibition to launch our new product, ROCK CLADDING. This exhibition was the best platform to showcase our product to  public. It was started on 15th nov.  The response of people was overwhelming. here are some of the best moment of exhibition.

And the celebration continues with the Grand Stand Gold trophy…

Thanking all the jury members and all the visitors who came to our stall. You guys made this, a lifetime memorable moment for us.


The Art Of Stone Engraving

Stone Engraving is an activity where  natural stone are shaped by the controlled removal of stone.Engraved natural stones wall murals are created using machines that precisely and carefully sculpt the stones, fashioning detailed patterns on them. Add  new dimensions  to your creation.

Here are some inspirations :

  1. A stone tree mural : Engraved depiction of the tree of life with vivacious leaves and branches swirling gently around the sides.



2.  Waves : A chisel with rippling waves on a natural stone with wood texture, for adding poise to your interior walls.


3. Spiral jali: Traditional natural stone jali with intricate patterns fanning in circular arrays on a White speckled natural stone.


4. Maple leaf Mural : Intricate palette of abstract maple leaves with gold work grants a dynamic and tranquil spirit to this stone wall mural.

Maple leaf mural

5. White Flower : Tranquil yet vibrant wall mural with a splendidly carved flower mural that splashes calmness on the interior wall.



6.  Circular array: an elegant stone grid with flourishing  design portraying elegant fanning circles on soft, dark brown natural stone.



“#diwaliseason: 8 amazing interior designing ideas using natural stones”

With the Diwali season coming up, Stone Ideas presents you 8 amazing ideas to style up your home with natural stone creations. As the biggest festival of the year is just around the corner, the marathon of hundreds of home décor ideas is getting rapid in your mind. Well, the beauty and variation of natural stone wall cladding is what you should look for to tame down the sensations. Get started with the spectacular natural stone ideas portrayed in this blog, and at the end you will have heaps of reasons to increase the face value of our space.

Stone veneer india

Presented some unique wall cladding design ideas to add warmth, style, and a character to your home this Diwali.

  • The Heart of Your Home, Kitchen: Give it the look it deserves with a sophisticated backsplash done with polished stone mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles are thoughtfully designed to render a personalized look and it’s the easiest and quickest way to instill an extravagant hue in your kitchen.

kitchen backsplash wall tiles

The best suited natural stones for kitchen countertops are Granite, Marble, Limestone, and Slate that can easily be laid in an artistic layout or in a random fashion. Experts suggest natural stone with honed finish and white, grey or beige with a blend of blue tones will do the trick this festive season.

Marble countertops

  • The Bright, Clean and Modern Corner, Bathroom: For some, it’s the best place to speak to the inner self, and for design experts it’s the best place to showcase the love for natural stone wall cladding. Gain inspiration from the latest design trends and make a splash of statement making art deco in the bathroom.

stone mosaic  wall tiles

Out of the box and extraordinary wall panels installed in the bathroom can dramatically change your house to home. This festive season, say goodbye to the conventional bathroom walls and exhibit some luxury to the personal space in your home. Since you would be a fan of polished stone for the vanity top, design some breathtaking wall panels finished with textured decorative Stone Mosaic and Glass Mosaic in a matte finish. And the best part, mosaic wall tiles goes well with Victorian, antique, contemporary, modern and trend setting bathroom accessories.

  • The Space Right By The Door, Living Room: An imaginative range of colors and textures is awaiting in form of Stone Wall Panels and Stone Mosaics to create an eclectic living room. There are tons of home décor ideas out there to embellish the living room, but don’t get overwhelmed with the abundance. Be wise, and go for minimalistic approach of stone wall cladding that works pretty well with rustic, contemporary and traditional living rooms.

wall cladding tiles

This Diwali, your living room can be the most exciting project infused with textural beauty of Granite, Marble, Limestone, Sandstone or Slate. Get ready to host a grand celebration with the perfect backdrop of classic and timeless stone wall panels. In addition, you will be fond of the finish and vibrancy of the smooth honed polish, the effortless sheen and color variation of stone mosaics adding exclusivity to the walls.

wall cladding stone

Your favorite room, The Bedroom: The task of bedroom renovation for Diwali would be a cinch if you follow our style guide. Stylists suggest that natural stone wall tiles are the hottest trend to come up with. The earthy vibe and one of a kind textured pattern of sandstone in shades of yellow or golden works well to enhance the aura in the bedroom

wall cladding stone india

Homeowners, who are fan of contrasting hues, can also go for Stone Wall Panels or even better Wall Murals, which is a piece of artwork done in unrepeatable pattern especially for you. You can find light weight wall murals in various dimensions to cover the entire walls, and these are highly durable and easy to maintain, thus rest assured that you won’t be dealing with the cleaning mess for the rest of your life.

wall cladding stone

Cover of the Book, The Exterior: Don’t you dare to smear the walls with paint or think about twinkling fairy lights to decorate the outdoors like every year. This Diwali, do something different that your patio, elevation and the boundary walls will thank you for the years to come.

wall cladding stone tiles

Elevation wall cladding is trending the charts to freshen up the exteriors. For a sophisticated look, go for stone mosaic in darker shades of Marble or Granite that will add unique charm with its exclusive patterns. Whereas, boundaries done with wall cladding tiles of Sandstone or textured Slate will give more country style look to the space. You can also create a focal point in the patio with stone bricks of Sandstone pavers that will jazz up the surface just like the glimmering earthen lamps even after the Diwali.

exterior wall tiles

  • The Best is Yet to Come: If you want to celebrate the festival of lights this year by being creative and imaginative, then you should be a natural stone lover. Pick any or all of these to add unique and modern element inside or out, choice is yours:
    • Stone Furniture: Well, stone veneer is the secret sauce to feature the unique and personal vibe of natural stone in the most unusual way. You’ll be carried away with the thought that a piece of furniture finished with the unique beauty and pattern of natural stone that’ll also last long. Majorly the sliced sheets can be found in Slate and Quartzite to be placed atop a table, counter or studio furniture.



  • Colonial Landscaping: Isn’t it easy to live with a pruned garden and sturdy pathways. It’s not too late to wow your friends and family this Diwali; think about laying stone pavers and cobbles to showcase the sublime detailing which actually can be done in a random fashion and in a breeze.

wall cladding stone



  • Feature Stone Wall: Replace a boring wall with something striking, uniquely beautiful and vibrant. Don’t just slap paint over it, think modish and go for wall panels, stone mosaic and glass mosaics. Design with patterns of small textured pieces of Marble, Quartzite, Limestone, Granite and Slate and it’s for sure, your friends will visually bookmark your home this Diwali.

stone wall cladding

Natural stone Ideas are widespread, because Stone Wall Cladding or exposed wall tiles are something that accentuates a space with its exclusivity and soothing look. They are easy to clean and highly durable, so why don’t you add an interest to your space this festive season with one of the above listed home décor ideas.

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What Fits the Bills Better: A Buyer’s Guide on Stone Wall Cladding Vs Wall Paper

The trauma of home décor is when interior style magazines say Stone Wall Cladding can revitalize your home dramatically, and you have an eternal love for traditional decorative wall papers. If you are not sure whether to cover your walls with wall paper or Natural Stone Creations, then read this before your proceed. As in case of décor, it’s not always better to be late, because scrapping off the wall paper would be real bummer when you will realize that the social world you move in is longing for stone wall cladding.

It’s an important decision to choose the correct material to transform your space, as walls have the advantage to give unique traits to the interior with lesser efforts but wrong choice may quickly outdate the excitement. Both wall paper and natural stone ideas have benefits but lately wall cladding has become the unrivalled hero of home décor ideas, here is a comparative study to help you decide to pick on the wise one. A little brainstorming and you are good to go.

Looks: Natural stone is produced straight from the earth, hence no matter what, wall papers can never win the competition in terms of rustic look a stone can award to the walls.

The exclusivity generated with stone polishes is another reason to fall in love with natural stone creations. You can be sure that the color, pattern and textures installed at your place can’t be anywhere in the neighborhood.

Insulation: Natural Stone wall cladding not only gives your home a subtle and bold character, but it also serves the purpose of excellent insulation. The strength and splendor of natural stone is hard to find with wall papers that are generally made of paper and vinyl.

It’s fairly straightforward, stone walls are way more hygienic and practical in terms of durability. Wall papers can easily be damaged with stains and smokes whereas wall cladding can also reduce the condensation if installed in bathrooms or kitchens.

Stone Mosaic

En vogue: 95% of style conscious homeowners pick wall cladding over wall papers in the developed countries, reason is the old world charm. A large number of interior designers endeavor to get the look of rough-hewn stone on the walls because its elegant, it never goes out of fashion and it oozes the uniqueness of the dweller’s taste.

Gone are the days, when wall papers were the preferred choice to cover the walls, now you can experiment with the aesthetics and functionality of Stone Wall Cladding with mix and match of diverse varieties and stone finishes. Look at the home décor ideas that are ruling all around the globe these days, and you will find that it’s not only smart but also en vogue to opt out for natural stone creations.

Installation: A mere thought of installation can nail down the comparison. As one way or another there will be some space and gaps when you paste wall papers in the corners or near electric outlets and minute amounts of humidity can peel of the edges of your “style statement”. Whereas, installing stone on the walls can be done in a breeze. The sliced panels are light in weight and can be fixed on any substrate without any needs of grouting. Stone is completely watertight hence, it can’t be soiled or damaged with humid conditions, be it the weather or the indoor condensation.

The warm country-house style effects can be achieved with newer medium of interior decoration, the stone wall cladding and in no doubt, it overrides when it comes to lend a creative touch to the space. You can create your own pattern, with the myriads of blocks, panels and mosaics available in different sizes and dimensions of natural stone.

Stone mosaic
Natural Stone Mosaics and Stone Engravings, through their artistic declarations, make the interior walls unique and awe-inspiring.

Clean-up: The idea of cleaning and maintenance can terrify you if you have covered your walls with decorative wall paper. Home decorating is exciting, you can get the contemporary and unusual look with swirls and 3D fish walls papers in your home, but when it comes to cleaning it becomes hard for you to conceal the agony on your face.

The tension curve will be steep if there are toddlers in the family, as you can’t use any sort of detergent solutions of the wall papers to clean the mess. However, Natural Stone Ideas can steer the determination to seal the look against all odds. You can wipe off the dirt, scum or any sort of stains with detergent, water and various heavy duty cleaners, because usually stone is immune to dampness and chemicals.

Wall papers are attractive, but in terms of aesthetic finesse and likelihood of strength, durability and uniqueness, Stone Wall Cladding should be the top choice to make your walls pop. Stone is flame resistance and anti mould, which also makes it cost effective in the long run. So, what are you waiting for, replace your wall paper addiction by browsing some Natural Stone Ideas for cladding by visiting us at Stone Ideas

Wall Cladding

A beautiful contemporary house adorned with neutral toned natural stone wall panels complementing the garden greens.

Up the Style Quotient of Your Home with Stone Wall Cladding

If you are creating a new abode or just thinking about renovating your den, either way, there is abundance of Natural Stone Ideas. And, you can infuse the old world charm of natural stone, with the endearing, imaginative, and designers’ favorite, Stone Wall Cladding.

What is Stone Wall Cladding?

A huge number of designers and interior decorators are now after the best way to enhance appearance of a home with the rugged beauty of natural stone. And, the finest option to instill the chic yet elegant textures of natural stone is to invest in Wall Cladding Stone, which is:

  • Actually done with sliced stone tiles that give impression of an organic stone wall;
  • Thoughtfully chiseled in variety of sizes, shapes and textures to compliment both interior and exterior walls;
  • Available in endless designs of multicolored panels, designer mosaics, versatile veneer and arty murals that can be applied to all substrates giving a crisp finish but with a rustic twist.

Stone Wall Cladding is even highly desired by homeowners who are looking for a pocket friendly option to revamp their place, because there is no need to redo the walls, as it can be applied directly to the existing ones.

Why Should I Choose Stone Cladding?

Stone cladding has every reason to push itself as the much sought after subset of building material. Here are some benefits worth considering the magnitude of its incredibility:

  • Life: As longer as one can imagine! It’s highly durable, once installed, the earthy look will stay on your walls lending timeless gaze, indeed, for a life time.
  • Looks: Vividly graceful! Natural stone features never ending possibilities to customize a space in individual style of architecture, including interior, exterior, panels, façade, and feature walls for both contemporary and rustic style spaces.
  • Installation: Super Easy! As we said earlier, it’s a sliced stone, which is light in weight and requires less time and labor to be installed. And, the best part, cladding stone can elaborate the walls in a random fashion bestowing a more relaxed vibe.
  • Maintenance: Minimal! The strength and authenticity of natural stone makes stone cladding one of the most favorable options to spruce up a home. It’s weather proof and water proof, so forget what is called ‘upkeep’

What are the types of Wall Cladding Stone?

Wall cladding boasts plenty of Natural Stone Ideas to uphold the distinctive appearance. Ranging from smooth, sleek, and tiled facade to textured and rugged look, you can find a style that is you. Major type of cladding stone that are ruling the interior and exterior home design ideas as listed below:

Beautiful natural coloured Stone wall panel applied with an artistic endeavour to the front wall of a lavish modern apartment.

Wall Panels: Create light weight, decorative, and weatherproof walls with stone wall panels. Highly demanded to achieve the irregular surface texture, wall panels are best suited option for exterior walls to go with the surrounding landscape. Suitable for contemporary and colonial landscape, these wall panels can also be embellished on the interior walls. such as:

  • Bring in the idyllic feel with textured tiles, rectangular ledges, and slightly irregular strips
  • The showstopper panels can be fashioned from Slate, Sandstone and honed Marble.
Stone mosaic
Natural Stone Mosaics and Stone Engravings, through their artistic declarations, make the interior walls unique and awe-inspiring.

Stone Mosaic: Give your space the undeniably adorable look by Stone Wall Mosaic tiles. If you want to create a whimsical kitchen backsplash or a beguile fireplace then Stone Mosaic makes just the perfect sense. Chic, luxurious or rustic, whatever be the style of decor, there is one that can add accent to the walls. Best thing about stone mosaic- it is:

  • The secret to infuse your space with bold statement on walls whilst echoing the minimalistic vibe; and
  • Available in square, rectangular and hexagonal shapes that can be applied on curved surfaces


Stone Veneer sheet
Natural stone veneer sheet used to create a captivating levelled reception desk in a modern office space.

Stone  Veneer: The secret sauce to get the dramatic look of natural stone is to install a thin Stone Veneer Sheet. Stone veneer is one of the time tested method to grab the look of solid stone with endowing elitism. Designers got inspired lately to use stone veneer sheets in unusual ways, for instance creating a smart dining table or a workplace counter to bring in the imperial style. Stone veneer in India can be ordered in:

  • 3-5” thickness , 90 Degree corner pieces and myriads of color options
  • Plethora of textures to accent the furniture, flooring and other elements in a room.


Buddha Stone engraving
An elaborate natural stone engraving of Buddha on the wall of the yoga studio, gently swept with soft yellow and white lights.

Stone Wall Murals: Instil the out of the box subduing and bold character of natural stone, by creating a feature wall with Stone Wall Murals. Homeowners, who listen to the bit of an art lover inside, have newly become fan of Natural Stone Mural. Add the ornamental impact to a décor by getting just the right touch of interest with

  • Detailed Stone Engraving done in Marble, Granite, and Slate and express your passion in myriads on designs, colors and finishes to set the décor on.
  • Visually interesting Stone Jali creatively crafted in vibrant 3D grid of Marble and Sandstone that enhances the color scheme on walls.

Stone wall cladding fits in seamlessly to any style of space and can easily craft the envisioned look. For more details on Wall Cladding  feel free to contact us through our website

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Stone Ideas was established with the vision of novelty and creativity in mind. As a leading exporter of Indian natural stone, we expertise in selecting premium quality natural stones for homes, offices and commercial spaces. We pride ourselves on our proficient natural stone application skills, stone design ideas and natural stone architecture. With a team of highly efficient designers, our custom stone designs, interior stone work, interior accent walls, landscape stonework and exterior stone applications ideas are innovative and exquisite. Combining royal elegance of art with phenomenal modern technology, we strive to create the most charismatic interior and exterior stone designs that are meant to last.


Our mission is to come into people’s mind as their first thought when thinking about installing natural stones for interior, exterior or elsewhere. We are dedicated to develop a bond with our clients built on quality, trust and innovative applications and love to stick beauty to your surroundings.


The illuminated living room accent wall envelopes the interior décor in a peaceful embrace, igniting tranquillity within the room. An exotic MDF tree mural placed atop a calm natural stone mosaic wall and illuminated with beautiful backlighting.The backlighting on the mdf tree falling softly over the living room furniture and fabric casts a serene, peaceful aura in the space.

The exclusive products provided by our company include designer wall murals, glass mosaics, natural stone wall coverings, garden stepping stones and paving stones for landscaping and stone carvings ideas. With a wide-ranging variety of natural stones at hand, we have something to provide you for enhancing your surroundings in every form. Want to remodel your kitchen to generate a sense of peace and spaciousness? Take a look at our kitchen backsplash, counter tops and floor tiles! Want to enrich your swimming pool with decorative tiles? Explore our trendy selection of pool tiles and paving stones! We also carry a comprehensive selection of mosaics, wall tiles, natural stone wall claddings, elevation tiles, stone veneer and several exotic natural stone creations and artifacts.